Dawning of a New Era (6) - Anals of Kings

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Dawning of a New Era (6) - Anals of Kings

Post by Prophet_Plurp » 9 months ago

A new era dawns; like the last, I am here to lay witness to all I see and foresee.

Old grievances forgiven or forgotten; all kingdoms rising.
The Fearless Lords bringing many to fight; Slave Warriors & the Boar

The Relentless' and Brotherhood still divided; the Horde abandon their Revenge.
The Order seeing new hope; with the Horde now rides with Darkness.

Yet many others gather expand their reach

The three headed Beast never alone; licks only itself.
The Syndicates stand defiant; waiting again for their opening.

Will the Tears fall on the Darkness; will the Darkness consume them?
I've no foresight on events unfolding; Nor the will of our gods.

I swear to all to all Kings, the Winds of war & Land of chaos will demand their tithe of blood and salt, and I will humbly make that sacrifice again to see what our gods see. Once I see I will write the anals of kings.

- The DEMK Prophet, Plurp

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Re: Dawning of a New Era (6) - Anals of Kings

Post by dirtyrat » 9 months ago

Nicely done. But do not queens have anals as well?
"The 3 headed beast that licks itself.." I once saw Brandonito do something like that. It was quite disgusting;D
Shower time? NEVER!!

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