Wars and Sabbing

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Wars and Sabbing

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The balance of warring seems to be off in my opinion.

What I see is people sab each other until an account is maxed out on losses. That account that is maxed can continue to sab others without fear of further retaliation. Lower accounts can reek havoc on higher level accounts because the balance of spy to sentry isn't as good as it should be imo.

What I would like to see is that accounts who are actively sabotaging should not be able to hide behind a "maxed" out layer of coding. If you are strong enough to dish it, you are strong enough to take it. Perhaps the algorithm could be as simple as you can be sabbed once for every 1 sab you put out after being maxed - (this is not enough to fix the warring issue though without looking deeper into what sabs go through)

Also, I think it's a bit lame that sentry doesn't protect you very effectively from those putting out sabs. I'm not familiar enough with the code to know at what point a lower spy can not pass through a higher level sentry, but it seems like sentry stats should really have a higher effect. If I have 10billion sentry and get sabbed by a 5billion spy, in reality there should be no reason my units should not have some sort of knowledge of it happening. And thus, even if they aren't caught, I think it should show up in the intelligence files.
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