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Missing Game Data

Post by dirtyrat »

We have, when we attack others, the data that shows whether or not each troop has a weapon or not. But when it comes to other things we do not. I wish to address 3(4) subjects;
A. The game does not how many troops are carrying defensive gear.
B. It doesn't show that info with spies and their spy tools.
C It doesn't show with sentry & sentry tools either.
D. Finally it DOES show my SA - on my armory page. But why can't that info be also listed on my attack page? How many times have I questioned myself on whether or not I have enough strength to overcome a enemy I just recon? Instead I go back & forth from attack page to armory page. I guess I could just write it down on a piece of paper; lol. In another game I have played it was the exact same bad issue. Put that info where it matters!

Anyway it is getting old adding up defense, spy tools, etc. "Did I buy too much? Etc." With a game that has so much data in it I don't see why that this couldn't be a benefit in the future. Even something that says; "You have enough spy tools for 85% of your spies." is something to go on. And as a new player I'm like 'wow' they (the owner & coders) put all this effort into creating a vast statistics page but didn't cover this small stuff that allows us to see our daily needed stats?

"edit" - I am sorry if indeed this info IS listed somewhere or somehow and I just missed it. I am still (happily) using the attack log to see past battles to tell me if any of my troops are unarmed. My double thanks for the player that pointed me in that direction!!!
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