Era 6 bug Thread

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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by dirtyrat » 1 month ago

I'm guessing (noobish) operator error;
1. Used the 2 window strat to sell and buy upgrades etc.
2. No prob 1st time.
3. 2nd try - received a white screen (sometime after selling). But no data saying that this was a game error page (in other games it usually states the error).
4. Stared at the WHITE! Looked up to see if I was still in koc; I was.
5. Tried other window and everything went back to normal. And my (new) gold was still there; ya!! Bought my stuff. And tried to return to that white but no luck - no back space there. End of bug story.
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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by Danny » 1 month ago

First time ive heard of that era, sounds like a local issue though, don't think it's a game proble... maybe just try clearing your cache and stuffs
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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by Wiz » 1 month ago

Was not Koc, was your own ISP.

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