Banhammer and other inactivities - Era 5

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Banhammer and other inactivities - Era 5

Post by Squishy » 2 months ago

bon wrote:
9 months ago
Banhammer and other inactivities - Era 2

This is a banhammer and other activities thread.

Post only username and (not active). We will routinely update this thread to inform players of what has happened to accounts posted.

There is to be no responses to admins posting of reasons why accounts have gone inactive. As long as players keep this thread as it is intended we might just go into more detail of why an account is missing off the battlefield.
accounts who show on the battlefield but show as invalid will not be listed as this is a verification bug

Xa0s-The-Mighty (not active) Banned
Galaxy (not active) Banned
ground (not active) Banned
yungul (not active) Banned
patient-0 (not active) Banned
Dimitrijuchtmans (not active) Banned
Hans-Z (not active) Vacation
Juanita9999 (not active) Banned
pkpk (not active) Banned
vrsan (not active) Banned
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Re: Banhammer and other inactivities - Era 5

Post by Spiderwoman_LaCN » 2 days ago

Lady_Rowan (not active)

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