Messaging Overhaul Suggestions

Post game suggestions for future Eras and Speed rounds.

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Messaging Overhaul Suggestions

Post by MadGeorge » 10 months ago

Well as the game develops and new things get added, I think it is time for some areas to get a small overhaul to be able to cope with these changes.

One of these is your Message Centre as I will call it.
At the moment you have a simple inbox that you receive everything in, and when it is full, it is full and you have to delete stuff.
This can be filled up by Admin messages, Commander Messages, Private Messages...

I think that perhaps it would be handy to have it organized into tabs..
  • Messages from Admins - To be in its own section on your Message Centre (possibly an option to acknowledge so it hides)
  • Server Notifications - Have its own tab called "Notifications" or something
  • Commander Messages - Have their own tab called "Commander" or something
  • Private Messages - Simply "Inbox"
  • Outbox - All your sent messages
When you first open it, you see admin messages and your inbox. The rest are viewed from respective tabs. etc etc

There are ways this can be expanded, but this is the basic idea i have
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Re: Messaging Overhaul Suggestions

Post by The RMFz » 10 months ago

At the minimum:

1. If inbox is full, the earliest message keeps getting deleted to accommodate new ones.

2. There needs to be an option for alliance admins to message everyone in the alliance.

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