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Re: Story Time

Post by RoGuEsHaDoW » 2 years ago

This is reading from the bards of chaos....

Long ago in the village of treachery, there lived a man. Simple man was he, not too short, nor too tall. He had brown hair, and brown eyes. His shoulders were of medium build. Nothing to set at all to set him apart from the other unhappy souls in the land.
One day he decided he was tired of being of not standing out. Out he ventured into the lands. What was it that he could do? He traveled far and wide. After many fortnights he believed he had seen enough to became of the story weavers of old. On he traveled to the main city of the land. It was here that he was going to try his hand. Into the busiest parts of the streets he went. He stayed for months, years even weaving his stories. But atlas they lacked a luster that could spark the interest of bypassers. Saddened and broken as he was he returned to his village never to be heard from again...
Some like me still remember his name... dokken...

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Re: Story Time

Post by Squishy » 1 year ago

Smooth, sexy, full of life it was as it streaked along the highway a blur of Cherry red with a white stripes glimmering underneath the lights overhead. Fast would be an understatement to describe its movements because as fast as it was it was the motions that cried out a musical note of purpose and desperation. And as its song reached your eyes you could not help but submit as it grabbed hold of you tying you down and keeping you captive to its spell forever. As the flashing lights approached closer it was a mere push of the pedal, a roar of the engine as the cylinders kicked into a gear surly beyond the mechanics intended and casting aside all notions of what was truly possible.

Whomp whomp whomp the sound echoed from up above sped up infinitly cut and put back together all at the same time the words police brazenly showing to all that would look up into the sky to see this marvel of man and machine chasing and providing an overwatch amidst what was otherwise chaos. The pilot would be afforded a front row ticket to the show on this day as he looked down and saw the crimson dodging this car and that with expert like precision as it sought to won the fight. It was a scene right out of a movie blending all the thrill and danger that one would expect as it missed another car and cut into the opposite lane now head on with the traffic in a game of chicken.

It was a truly terrifying moment as death was cheated with ever little correction of the wheel the odds forever growing out of the red cars favor as it had sacrificed all logic and reason to break free from its pursers. Another turn another second of hear terror as horns honked people jerked off to the side trying to save there own lives from this madman this apparent suicidal maniac with a deathwish. But he would not be caught he could not be caught there was more at stake here then many knew. A blue Toyota a green Chevy their tires screeched and the wheels where cut to avoid a collision but in doing so they signed the fate of the red car.

It could not be moved it could not be reasoned with there was simply no time not that it would have mattered. On this day fate would have name a wall of steel, plastic and chrome sitting atop 18 wheels and with the words big mutha trucka etched on the side. Oh shit escaped the pilots mouth as the red car met with fate the frame crumbling nearly instantly. Thrown forward the driver never had a chance as his care imploded in upon itself in a truly brilliant release of horrific fire and twisted metal. It was a most violent moment that saw a chaos greater then the one it had stopped but what would happen next would define more then just ones basic understanding of physics and common sense it would defy all we knew to be true in the world and shake us to out very core.

The sky blue and botched with fluffy white cloud began to change the very nature of it warping and bending as a giant hand emerged from above leading the pilot to question his own sanity pulling hard on the stick to avoid the path that the hand was destined to take as it swooped down and grasped the red car tightly. Narrowly avoiding an arm blazed with the word family the pilot looked up to see the sky had faded in its place was an open space inhabited only by two faces and for a moment he had to think to wonder to himself if that was an image of god but then who was the other. As the large hand below him picked up the red car and carried it into the sky another hand came down and grabbed hold of the helicopter relieving the pilot of all controls as a voice boomed down from the heavens.

“aww dad he wasn’t supposed to crash” there was a child like innocence in the voice as the red car and the helicopter faded from sight as it they were raised up into the air, the entire world below them disappearing as another appeared one more normal then the last. The red car now small and plastic was held in the hands of Rogueshadow as he looked down at it with a smile his eyes filled with nothing but love as he looked over at his son his eyes filled with pride, his heart filled with love. It had been such a fight to get to this very moment but here they were now free as a bird with little care beyond what the next adventure might be.

“You know what little buddy, its okay because there will always be next time.” He said back to his son, his voice calm and collected as it escaped from the smile upon his lips. “lets go and get something to eat.” And with that they left the room closing the door behind them leaving behind the world of make believe and entering the real world ready and willing to take on anything and everything and there was no doubt they could because they could do anything because after all they would do it together.
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Re: Story Time

Post by dirtyrat » 1 year ago

I once heard a story about a player called Dokken. But I dokken remember that story other than it was a sad one; I just dokken know...
(dokken = don't; get it? hahahha!!)
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