What Is In Your Name?

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What Is In Your Name?

Post by dirtyrat » 1 year ago

Why did you name yourself such? To be silly, scary, etc? Is there a history to it or was it made from mere whim?
1. EONS ago I was playing another game and I was playing a nice race (and solo). And my name was Bruce.
2. But I was losing to the evil races.
3. So I decided to pm the evils ones for a truce.
4. Many laughed or ignored me.
5. But then I was accepted into one (evil) alliance.
6. And the power was more than I thought even possible; it is still burned into my brain this very day - things I thought impossible.
7. But the other good races found out and labeled me a RAT (eventually a dirtyrat).
8. And I never lived it down.
9. Need I say more?
(POWER is all and all is corrupting)
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Re: What Is In Your Name?

Post by bloodpirate » 1 year ago

well .. good story .. mine is a bit more low key

being a sailor in RL .. and a pirate at heart .. i joined bloodpriest and he formed an alliance khuzdul .. well, i changed my name to bloodpirate and kind of started recruiting people with blood in their names .. of course back then, there was lots more players than today .. about 1/4 million. the rest is history.

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