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Music Wonders

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:09 pm
by dirtyrat
List your favorite band who is considered a ONE HIT WONDER. If you don't have such a favorite band then don't reply on this thread (Unless you wish to debate the term - 'one hit wonder')
What is a 'one hit wonder'? Depends on who you ask;D
I'll define it this way - A band who has many listed songs but only ONE of them out-shoots ALL the rest. Some bands say they aren't a 'one hit wonder' but if you look closely their "2nd" hit is very small compared to their BIG HIT song.
Anyway my favorite band is HOOBASTANK. And their single big hit is THE REASON. I like other songs of theirs but none of them ever close to their big hit single. They keep going and trying but nothing seems to work:(
(Maybe this is SAD thread topic)