Era 6 bug Thread

1/20/2020 - 4/20/2020

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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by dirtyrat » 1 year ago

I'm guessing (noobish) operator error;
1. Used the 2 window strat to sell and buy upgrades etc.
2. No prob 1st time.
3. 2nd try - received a white screen (sometime after selling). But no data saying that this was a game error page (in other games it usually states the error).
4. Stared at the WHITE! Looked up to see if I was still in koc; I was.
5. Tried other window and everything went back to normal. And my (new) gold was still there; ya!! Bought my stuff. And tried to return to that white but no luck - no back space there. End of bug story.
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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by Danny » 1 year ago

First time ive heard of that era, sounds like a local issue though, don't think it's a game proble... maybe just try clearing your cache and stuffs
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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by Wiz » 1 year ago

Was not Koc, was your own ISP.

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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by bloodpirate » 1 year ago

great idea to send messages to whole alliance .. but

when you go to next on your alliance list, you get another box .. when you go next again, you get one or two more boxes .. i went back and forth, and ended up with 10 boxes .

also .. it shows on your message page, each person the message was sent too .. i have a small alliance, but an alliance like cerberus .. 140 members, if their owner/admin sent a message, they would have 14 pages of sent messages. it seems kind of extreme .. not sure what to do there.

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Re: Era 6 bug Thread

Post by bon » 1 year ago

Aware of both issues, still being fine tuned.