Some ideas to spice things up (and stop the clicking!)

Post game suggestions for future Eras and Speed rounds.

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Some ideas to spice things up (and stop the clicking!)

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Hi fellow warriors!

Years ago I have played KoC and recently came back to it last era, for the first time joining a small alliance, and this era played as a DEMK alliancen member which was an even better experience. Playing was fun as a team, and there are nice new features, but still I think there is room for improvement :D

I would like to see things spiced up a bit, especially to make it more exciting, more equal, and strategic to play. It is a strategy game after all. And also to keep the juices flowing while the game-era advances and upgrades are done or so far apart it gets a little boring and repetitive.

so I will plit it in 2 points now, with ideas how to improve

1. The clicking... not trying to be a dick, but it sucks balls :lol:
Yeah, clicking is not fun. Gaming saould be fun right?! How about making bigger armies would be a more strategic endeavour?

My suggestion is this: remove the cicking from the game. But theres need for something else to boost morale (that works the same as it does now) and make your army bigger. I would like to see that morale grows when you attack someone. But with a ratio; when you attack someone who you can barely win from, then you gain maximum morale. If you attack someone who you can easily win from you gain less (or even negative?) morale. Also when you sab someone that you can barely sab, their sentries don't die, but run over to your army (as unstrained). it would help as the sab/sentry ratio isnt fixed (like with attack/defense the ratio isnt fully fixed right?). Same thing could apply to experience (in stead of the challenges, which also are a clicking exercise to a lesser extend).

2. New interesting strategic additives or little changes
The safe is a nice feature! but it would be interesting as you dont just get it as a standard feature. It could be a bonus from a certain economic upgrade.
And for the technology upgrades: after a certain upgrade you get a new type of weapon, that is stronger that the standard ones, or is harder to sab than the standard ones. this way during the game some get a safe advantage, some get new weapons and these kind of things could spice things up later on in the game and change the strategy and dynamics in a different way.

thanks for reading, and hopefully you like it
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