Temporary bans and message reporting

Post game suggestions for future Eras and Speed rounds.

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Re: Temporary bans and message reporting

Post by RVD713 » 5 months ago

bon wrote:
5 months ago
RVD713 you came to me on discord and the matter was dealt with
The problem was solved, he came to me on discord and put in a complaint and it was deal with, there was no need for it to go further as it makes no difference at all what is posted here i am handling the situation.
Obviously he has no faith in what we do as admins because he posted here.
how was i supposed to guess it was dealt with? you never answered.

There was no need for you to come here and post suggesting how players should be dealt with
Funny reading this in the "KoC Game Suggestions"
Really I think that players need to harden up somewhat, we admin the game
I do agree that this is a game and we should let some things wash over, but there should be limits (in my opinion). Not having the option to report a message ingame could let some players (maybe those that dont use discord or forum) understand that every kind of language and behavior is being tolerated. There is a difference between "you suck and you have a small penis" and "I will find your family and run you over all over then burn you with acid"
if you have an account that is bothering your alliance we are not here to ban the account

it was not about him peskering me or the alliance I'm in, I just used him as an example so people reading this thread would understand where this thread comes from. that's why the link was there, and that's why i'm actually surprised u removed it.
Once again the situation was dealt with end of story.
Again, the thread is about a game suggestion. It's stupid that I have to write "In my opinion" so you don't take it so personal. But in my opinion this would be a useful feature, and not that hard to implement if I'm not mistaking by much.
And to open my opinion to debate with other players, on the community forum, I made this thread.

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Re: Temporary bans and message reporting

Post by bon » 5 months ago


This is for game suggestions.

This is not for players to tell admins how to deal with other players accounts. We have guidelines to how accounts are dealt with and that will not change.

CLOSED due to this thread serving no purpose as players have no imput in player bans/suspends.