Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

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Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by MadGeorge » 11 months ago

So, this has been a big Era that has seen some changes in the mechanics and gameplay of KoC.
We have seen some fall victim to wars, game bugs, and sometimes just real life.

However, if you think back through the Era, and keep an eye out in the remaining 2 weeks.. is there anyone that stands out to you as a possible "Player of the Era"?

I don't want you to just think army size, or rank.. I want you to think of a specific thing a player has done that has made them stand out to you as having that spark this Era.

I am thinking that perhaps once the Era is finished, we will find someone to choose from the nominations and decide a winner (maybe Bon or someone).

There will be no official prize or reward.. except the acknowledgment of something you have done to inspire someone or brighten someone's gaming experience.

I ask that you keep this topic civil, do not argue with anyone about their nomination.
This is to be kept to posts with your nomination and why you feel its deserved - We have Discord and such if you want to chat to each other about the posts ;-)

Thank you, and much love!
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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by Kaya » 11 months ago

i would like to nominate Dank me he has played so very well against so big an opposition

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by Aggie » 11 months ago

I talked with Dank in private and he knows I respect him for his efforts in this war.
Shame no one listened to him. Otherwise RL/RB would have been much more of a fight.
Dank shows that being on the opposite side doesn't automatically mean you have to act like a c*nt like chris, kaoz and vibrioblah.

My nomination goed to Dank aswell. Not sucking up on him, just for being a good sport!

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by MrData » 11 months ago

Dank, so nice to 'work' with. Acts fast, knows how to make decisions fast. After being that long in a war and staying relevant? That is impressive.

Give that man the respect he deserves! And propably sleep.

Honorable mentions: Sr in general for their killer raider parties :)

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by ReallyMe » 11 months ago

George for spreading the love.

More George, more harmony.

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by Rowe » 11 months ago

Dank - For fighting to the last nun/man , often with some humor in my very little fluttering across here and the chats. Seemingly offered v.little support whilst doing so but that maybe speaking out of turn.

Neo - To keep him quiet :lol:

Lots of solo players that seem to have just done their thing., Kudos to them.

Sam3070 & TheBigFondue for notably changing the outcome of the era.

I have one more but you will have to wait and I have to remember to post it another day

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by BuBBles » 11 months ago

Dank - for ruining so many accounts (mainly his alliance + allies)
Neophyte - for starting a hell of a war and for "not ranking"
Blaze - for starting the first war
TheyFay - somehow rank 2 most of age...
HoTix - for keeping TGF rank 3...
prutserwithhonour - best non big alliance account, personally I think that takes more skill.

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by brandonito » 11 months ago

I nominate Sharabash-SR. I thought he did a good job slaying this age.

I'm not in his alliance so I don't know how many sells he received pre-war nor can I see his attack logs so take this with a grain of salt.

Though how much of it was him slaying well and how much of it was how good his supportive spy accounts were I couldn't say.

I'd be curious to see DEMK's numbers. From an outside perspective Pandemic_DEMK and The_RMFZ both seemed to have played very well and warred for just as long as Dank- but it's hard to judge without being in their alliance.

I want to put one of my officers in this thread (though technically he is under someone else atm), so: honourable mention to BuDLiGhTNinG for great banking/slaying this age!!!

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by HaRdHouse » 11 months ago

My nomination goes to Dank also
8-) 8-) Check out my Fiverr gigs: 8-) 8-)

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Re: Era 3 - Player of the Era (Nominations)

Post by MrsDank » 11 months ago

Dank only b/c he didn't get banned! :P

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