A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by Brooksy » 5 months ago

as long as no powers are abused he should 100% play.

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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by Dank » 5 months ago

bon wrote:
5 months ago
TrickleMyBalls None 1 hour ago
Reason for sab?

TrickleMyBalls None 45 minutes ago yes
dont like my balls being trickled.

This had nothing to do with any comments from the OP, it had nothing to do with alliances, my reply summed up why I sabbed.

Let me put this out there. I was told for many Ages/Eras I should play again, this Era I wanted to see how the game actually plays as I have not played seriously since Age 9. Usually every Age/Era before that I would click at the start, build my account via Conquesting and then when I had felt there was enough value in the account I would then do random sells from my account in the hopes that a casual/new player would catch a sell and be interested in the game.

This Era I was convinced that I had to play an account to see the changes for themselves. So yes I clicked everyday for a month and a half, I banked my account, slayed, sabbed and even got into a war ;). I have not used my admin account while playing in my game account. I have not given my account any turns (I bloody do need some), gold, weapons, soldiers.

I have played my account as a normal player does. Yet I am being accused of bias if I delete this thread. I am also told that as a game owner I have no right to play this game. So for this reason this will be the last Era that I play.
Keep playing dont let these cry babies ruin your fun.

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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by CrazyDave » 5 months ago

9 seconds ago BSS-MFnBonsai attack 100,158,147 Gold stolen

ty bon :P


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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by Squishy » 5 months ago

whats the point of buying a game if you cant play it?

honestly the topic at hand greatly depends on what the owner is doing. he can do anything he likes thats never in question here its his damn game he can just make rules as he goes if that pleases him. this becomes more a question of ethics, and as long as hes playing an account thats following all the rules to a tee then it should be allowed to function as any other player. if he ever starts to use his position to get an unfair advantage either by injecting, using intel the account cannot get on its own, or altering either the states of status of other accounts to gain an advantage then in my opinion it would be unethical and i would consider taking action. but until that happens we only stand to gain by a owner who is playing and therefore has a more working understanding of how his game operates and what needs changing or is doing good.
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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by MadGeorge » 5 months ago

To be fair, I think this is a fair topic to have been created.. however I think it is also one where most of us will tell Bon to keep playing as I think its pretty much what people have been telling him to do the past few years.
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Re: A game owner actively sabbing. YES or NO?

Post by Endtime » 3 months ago

Closing this thread, i don't even see the need for the creation and think it's actually quite unnecessary.

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