Era 7 Changes/Features Added.

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Era 7 Changes/Features Added.

Post by bon » 1 month ago

Just so I can keep track of all changes/features added in Era 7 I will post them here.

-DA multiplier has been changed. (check upgrades list on help page)
-Resell value has been lowered to 65% for Weapons and Tools.
-Ebony Platemail strength reduced to 600 from 640.
-Exp per turn costs have been adjusted. (check upgrades list on help page)
-Recons, Sabotages now have timestamps in details. You can now see the exact time initial recons, sabotages were performed.
-Exp Per Turn added to player recons.
-Rules and Ban List links added to your Command Center.
- Rank #1, #2, #3 added to the top of your Command Center.
-Top Clicker from previous Era added to top of Click Ranks page.
- Page header added to most pages.
-Player name added to players Stats page at the top.
-Click Ranks page a lil more colorful.

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