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An apology to DEMK (and RL)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:36 pm
by Stijn
During Era 2, RB and DEMK were involved in a war with eachother. All was well and good until a few RB members conspired to gain an unfair advantage in the game, to the detriment of DEMK. Of course scripts pick up everything nowadays and the unfair advantage did not go unnoticed, but it could not be proved at the time.
Tension was rising between the two alliances, and at some point a DEMK player caught a sell from an RB player. This quickly turned into accusations of sell catching by means of a bot and resulted in the DEMK player being banned. I've since been told that the sell was caught in an honest way through good intel and relentlessly F5ing some of our players, so the ban was unjustified.

More recently, on a night where lots of alcohol was involved, an RB player in the know told a DEMK player about the cheating that happened in Era 2. Evidently the news quickly reached the rest of DEMK and they decided to war us over it this past Era.

RB leadership was equally surprised to hear about what happened. Regardless, on behalf of RB I want to apologise to DEMK for the cheating and for the unfair accusation of botting.
The members involved are no longer with RB, and the rest of us would like to move on and just have fun with the game again. I hope that DEMK is willing to accept our apology and move on as well.

I also want to apologise to RL. They backed us during the latest war while they had done nothing to cause it. They were under no obligation to back us, so thank you for choosing to do so.


Re: An apology to DEMK (and RL)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:02 pm
by dirtyrat
I'm sorry that I am butting into this but do really mean era TWO? We all just finished era FOUR. I REALLY don't think the news spread that quickly...just saying:P
And who am I? I am but a small pebble among the giant alliances. Someone you shouldn't even notice OR attack. Treat me as if I were invisible; a nobody. (Note: Sorry if I'm sounding crazy but this should be my day off work but noooo! 15 mins left before I must leave for WORK! Or else I'll be late - on my freaking day off. And tomorrow off? NooOoOo!! Not another day off for the next 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS straight. Chaos has entered my life:(

Re: An apology to DEMK (and RL)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:32 pm
by Stijn
From my understanding at least 2 of the cheaters involved were your leaders....? How would your leadership be confused about their own cheating? lol.
Neither of the 2 involved people were ever a leader at any point. I was in our council at the time but didn't know a thing. A regular member apparently knew quite a bit more than our own leadership, which is how DEMK (and current leadership) eventually learned about what happened.
One of them is sitting in your discord chat channels with the title 'Legend' though?
Hasn't played KoC for a good while now and doesn't plan on playing again. Also, mostly idles in our server. I guess if it makes people happy I can remove the rank but I'm not gonna boot them over it.
And let's be fucking clear, you owe all of KoC an apology, not just DEMK.
I respectfully disagree. It's one thing that I'm apologising directly to those most affected while I had no hand in what happened, at all. The people still in our alliance playing KoC also had no hand in what happened, at all. We don't owe the rest of KoC anything as far as I'm concerned.

Re: An apology to DEMK (and RL)

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:45 pm
by bon
I am closing this thread not to be accused of hiding anything but because cheating accusations are not allowed on this forum real or unfounded.

I have tirelessly worked with certain players that were affected by what did or didn't happen to put all this behind us and moved forward.

I could go through everything but I have said enough to those involved since this was known.

If you have anything you want to say regarding this thread PM otherwise this is closed.