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by fazi
1 year ago
Forum: KoC Game Suggestions
Topic: Tech Tree
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Re: Tech Tree

I don't really know if the game code allows for this.Maybe koc has to be a new game for new players and better success. About your idea, in the current form of the game, i do not like to much specialization.Last eras rogue players were a big problem and really nothing to do about them.Slayers are st...
by fazi
1 year ago
Forum: Era 3
Topic: Re: Speed Round :: Era 3.5
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Re: Re: Speed Round :: Era 3.5

My 2 cents: -firstly , i played age 12 - to age 16 or so, and then i come back at era 1, played large tff and small tff, best rank 58 i think, don't remember exacly. -i don't know how much you can change in the game, can you change core mechanics or just some features. -make a fast recruiter for eve...