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by Misanthrope
10 months ago
Forum: KoC Barracks
Topic: Not sending email confirmation?
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Not sending email confirmation?

I clicked on delete my account at least a few hours ago because my account was bugged and it said it would send an email confirmation but it still hasn't. I want to get back to KoC already and create a new account, but if I did that without getting that confirmation email then technically I would be...
by Misanthrope
1 year ago
Forum: KoC Barracks
Topic: KoC's messed up math?
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KoC's messed up math?

What's with the game's messed up math? If I have 5 ropes that have 40 strength each and I have enough spies to equip those ropes, then why would I have less than 200 spy rating? I mean come on 5 x 40 is 200 so what's with this?