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by Texie
1 day ago
Forum: KoC War Room
Topic: Gladiators vs NWO/LaCN
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Re: Gladiators vs NWO

I'm a communicator, as you can see.
by Texie
8 months ago
Forum: Online Games
Topic: games
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Re: games

bloodpirate wrote:
8 months ago
pokemon go .. to be friends # 3889 0360 9940


Adding you on PokeGO :) name will be self-evident!

Other games - basically anything on PC.
Currently actively playing Apex Legends like the rest of the world, Warframe, Path of Exile, and WoW..
by Texie
8 months ago
Forum: KoC Spam Section
Topic: Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Introduce Yourself.

KoC Name: Texie_LaCN
Age: 27
Country: NL
How long have you played KoC: Since 2003
How did you find out about KoC: A school friend made me join to be his officer