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by Rowe
8 hours ago
Forum: KoC Barracks
Topic: Era 3 War Feedback
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Re: Era 3 War Feedback

1) Sentry losses - I like the idea but I think the losses should be less OR more spies be required to and subsequently be killed. There is a huge mismatch here. 2) Attacks - I would reduce to 20 maximum and consider reverting to 10 3) Sab cap - I think 15% sab cap with 15 sabbers needed would be a b...
by Rowe
6 days ago
Forum: KoC Alliance Discussion
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Brooksy wrote:
6 days ago
He flew out to Barcelona on holiday 😅 he didn’t wanna inactive for this pure reason but he couldn’t commit enough time to sustain account while on holiday
I didn't see much sustaining going on.....
by Rowe
1 month ago
Forum: KoC Great Hall.
Topic: Re: Speed Round :: Era 3.5
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Re: Re: Speed Round :: Era 3.5

I must admit, I think nearly all persons said that the changes would be advantageous to the main accounts. Maybe people will say hindsight is a wonderful thing but the major changes all favored larger accounts:- 1) TBG change - Better for big accounts 2) Morale change with existing trickle rates - B...