About Us

Kings of Chaos was created by Rocco Repetski, Aman Gupta. Ben Gelb, and Nick Meyer as a school project. Initially there were 100,000s of players that joined by sharing their recruit link with as many people as they could. Over the years the game became stagnant and after 23.5 ages the admins finally decided that they no longer had any interest in the game and sold the game.

The game currently has Bill Hadley as the owner and Ash and Rolz as developers on the game. The game consisted of Ages which could be any length until the new owner changed each round to Eras. The game is going through a revamp stage at the moment and the Eras are shorter than what they usually were so that the admin/dev team can add some new changes.

Unlike previous owners the new admin/dev team are constantly asking for ideas and thoughts on the game. A new forum is now the home of Kings of Chaos and hopefully soon there will be an app for players to use.